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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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commissioner moran. we have the motion by commissioner avalos. without objection? the resolution has been amended. >> on the resolution as amended. [roll call vote] >> for the record, do we need a vote from the alternate? no? the resolution passes. turned it over to president vietor. >> if you live entertain a motion to amend. >> it is the amendment the commissioner moran introduced. in favor?
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opposed? if there is no objection, all those in favor? the motion carries. >> item number six. >> letter to governor brown and a california public utilities commission urging the fair and equitable methodology. >> this is a very brief item. i will make it brief. it is a resolution that has a letter attached to it. the letter is to urge the commissioners as was the governor to move quickly to actually resolve one of the issues that we spoke about today, what will be the method for calculating the performance bond associated with the cca.
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it has been outstanding since legislation was passed. as discussed here today, there and others. >> commissioners, you have the letter before you. is there any member of the public that like to speak on item six? public comment is close. this letter is an item that is both before the puc and lafco. with that, madam clerk? >> [roll call vote] >> the motion passes. >> if you could entertain a
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motion to approve? >> it is a resolution that refers to the letter. public comment? all those in favor? the post? -- opposed? it passes. >> item 7. >> public comment. >> is there any member of the public that led to provide general public comment on any item that is not on the agenda but in the jurisdiction of the commissions? >> erica trucks with san francisco green party. it got touched on a little bit but it wasn't an action item for you today, and i think it is important for the lafco to take it up. i would like them to take of this issue of the fact that as you can see from the charts, the city agencies and other
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agencies are getting a really sweet deal on electricity. even though we need to support all those agencies, we need to figure out a way to increase what we are bringing in for electricity. the main reason for that is so that we can get ahead of the global warming curve, not to stop with cca, but a full build out of not only electricity but electrified mass transit. so that we can really take a bite, even as the city, by ourselves, out of global warming. if we do it right, we can get the extra revenues for electricity itself while we are installing things like solar panels and efficiency measures
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for those agencies that are currently getting a deal on electricity such that their bills may not have to change that much. the idea is to start right now the figure out how we can get the extra revenues so we can start building out the efficiency. and figure out the big picture so that it does not cause pain to the agency's that have been leading the deal that they have got, but still supports a really robust renewable energy system and electricity system in the city. some of us end up supporting public power in the city as well. i am hoping they will take that up so we can start figuring out a way to get a lot more revenue that is badly needed for the goals that we talked about today. >> any other member of the
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public that like to speak? public comment is closed. the next item is lafco specific. >> approval of minutes from september 23, 2011. >> you have the minutes before you. is there any public comment? we have a motion. can we take that without objection? can you call item no. nine? >> executive officer's report. >> there will be no report today. >> public comment is closed. item 10. i'm wondering, president vietor and commissioners, whether or not we should try to set up a joint meeting for december to the extent in the event that this item is decided
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or action is taken at the board of supervisors in november. there might be in need for a joint meeting in december, and i am hoping that the clerks can maybe provide us with some possible dates so that we have something tentative schedule. >> it is probably a good idea. >> winter recess starts on the fourteenth. >> it would be before that. >> december 2 or december 9. >> what time? >> normally at 2:00. >> commissioners, and of the friday is not always good for you.
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-- i kjnonow that friday is not always good for you. >> neither are good for me. >> we don't have a schedule the next regular meeting because the next regular meeting date would have been the twentieth during the week of christmas. the 13 is the regular meeting. the 6 is a tuesday, but that's a board meeting day. >> what time does it start? >> 1:30. >> can we do earlier? is it sixth? an earlier meeting on the
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sixth? >> it doesn't matter, we don't have a commission meeting. the 11:00 give us enough time? 10:00? >> i need to make sure that the chamber will be available the morning. >> there is a transportation at 9:30, but how about a new -- noon? it would give enough time for that meeting -- >> is that enough time before the board meeting? >> noon on december sixth. tentative meeting scheduled for tuesday, december 6 at 12:00 p.m.. any member of the public of like to speak on this item? public comment is closed. >> item 11, adjournment.
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>> the meeting is adjourned, thank you to members of lafco, and members of the san francisco public utilities commission. >> congratulations, i am very pleased. i want to thank the staff a lafco and the puc. it has been a long road, the activists and the stakeholders to get us to this point. i encourage you and urge you to stay involved with the board of supervisors and the conversation there because i think there is work to be done on figuring out and finalizing this issue. >> thank you to the rest of staff and advocates, meeting adjourned.
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commissioner elsbernd: welcome to the special rules committee meeting. if we could pass a motion to excuse jane kim from today's meeting? without objection. madam court, please call item six.
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>> item 6. hearing to consider the quarterly reports of the shelter monitoring committee. commissioner elsbernd: staff is ill today and i know supervisor kim when the to be a part of this, so i would like to place a motion to continue this to the call of the chair. is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we will take the motion to continue without objection. item one please. tea>>item 1. hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending november 19, 2012, to the bicycle advisory committee. commissioner elsbernd: mr. may, anything that you would like to say to the committee? you are the supervisor. we always like to refer to the supervisor, so -- >> my name is richard may.
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i would like to serve on this committee. i think i would do a good job. i ride my bike [no audio]
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8 a genius is steve of mancera sister-in-law of audio products likecivic center committee dist.
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commissioner elsbernd: is there any staff on this item? this is relatively pro-forma, by a margin we hold off. madam clerk, we will delay this until the last item on the agenda. move to item four. >> item 4. hearing to consider appointing two members, terms ending september 1, 2014, to the assessment appeals board no. 1. there are two seats and for applicants. -- four applicants. commissioner elsbernd: mr. robinson. you are the incumbent. i am. i have been on the board for a while. i am a commercial real estate appraiser. my expertise is in hotels. as well as offices. commissioner elsbernd: if i could interrupt you, don is not here and i keep on putting the
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answer. could you tell me the difference between no. no. 1 and 4 number two? >> number one is mostly commercial properties, number two is mostly homes. i do enjoy contributing to the city. are there any other questions? commissioner elsbernd: no questions, ok. i do not see mr. gallagher here. mr. campana. >> i was here the last time that we went through this for the commercial position. [inaudible] i have the 25 years experience but it is mostly in residential. i have a certified residential position.
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i have done commercial, income, but my primary expertise is in residential. i am more likely to be an appropriate candidate for 2 and 7. wherever you need me, i will be there. >> commissioner elsbernd: mr. richard lee. >> could i just attribute this to the board supervisors? good morning, supervisors. thank you for coming out this tuesday morning. i have prepared a brief five- sentence statement. i first served on the board back in 2003. since that time, i have been on the board with the exception of one year where i was working outside of town, and therefore i took a leave and return appear
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that is either good news or bad. currently, active in the real- estate community. i oversee several commercial buildings downtown. my real estate broker is the licensing requirement of this position and it is up to date. that is what allows me to serve in this capacity. it is my belief that every stakeholder in the process of the assessment of appeals will continue to benefit from my involvement. any questions? commissioner elsbernd: no question. thank you. is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor farrell? commissioner farrell: i would suggest moving mr. robertson vote on seat 3, mr. robinson on seat seven. mr. campana, i take your comments at face value and we
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will continue for seat 2. commissioner elsbernd: without objections and for without objection. item five please. >> item 5. hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending september 1, 2014, to the assessment appeals board no. 2. there is one seat and five applicants. >> commissioner elsbernd: thank you. shawn rigdgell. a bit about your experience? >> i have been a practicing lawyer for the past 13 years. our emphasis is on business litigation and insurance bad faith, personal injury cases. we are mostly litigators. i also served half as a neutral evaluator, arbitrator, for finra. they are the alternative dispute resolution program for the
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securities and exchange. i have covered cases involving corporate dealer and fiduciary cases. i am a native of san francisco, a graduate of sacred heart high school. the relevance behind that, i am interested in serving in city government, proud to be a native of sanfrancisco, and i feel this is a way to give back. my experience as a lawyer and arbitrator can help the board to fairly and accurately decide claims. i believe i am fair and impartial. i think i would definitely be an asset to the board. commissioner farrell: is this your first time appointment? >> yes, sir. commissioner elsbernd: thank you.
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mr. tham. >> hello, my name is joseph tham. i have been on the commission since 2002. been in the real-estate business for over 20 years having worked as a certified appraiser and also as a regional appraiser manager for four major banks. i would like to think that i am very independent thinker, impartial, listen to both sides of the argument before i make my appointment -- decision, sorry. also, i have been a local 21 member for the last 20 years, have been at large delegate for the past three years. i have worked with mr. robinson and mr. lee. i have served on the commission for quite awhile. they have also been very supportive and impartial in
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their decisions. i would like to stay on the commission. commissioner elsbernd: you are an employee at the public utilities commission. could you tell us about the work that you do there? >> i am their real-estate property manager. we manage the cpuc land. as you know, they own a lot of land. we do leases and permits for this land and also, we do community work as in community gardens, things of that sort, so i have worked with the crisis center and community gardens in san francisco to put in permits and things of that nature. now we are embarking on the improvement projects. we have been clearing a lot of the land encroaching on our right of ways, so we do try to get people off of our land so
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that we can fit our pipeline in. commissioner elsbernd: thank you. tulip yeh. all right. mr. campana, you are listed. you have another opportunity, if you would like to. ok, very good. mr. gallagher still has not arrived. seeing no other applicants, -- sure. is there any public comment? >> good morning. my name is simon. i would support the appointment of -- commissioner elsbernd: that is
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two items from now. we are almost there. i will call you up when your time comes. any other members of the public that would like to comment? >> my name is james, i have been working as a president for the city, experience with mr. tham, diane robinson, and also lawrence. that is my comment. they are very good people to work with. thank you. commissioner elsbernd: is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor farrell? commissioner farrell: thank you, everyone, for coming forward. mr. ridgell, i like you are a local. i would also like to consider
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the others, but in my opinion, if you would like to come back and apply for this another time -- getting to know people before and is a good thing. i love your experience and your willingness to come forward, so we would love to afford you had a different time. i am torn between mr. tham and mr. campana. mr. campana has been here before and has pushedon alonso we are y to support either one. commissioner elsbernd: i think now might be the time. i would like to go with mr. campana at this time. if we continue to report the new blood, all of this could be stifled. not a reflection on mr. tham's
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service, but i think we should give some chance to somebody who's application is as impressive as his. it speaks as well to mr. ridgell. with that, i would make the motion to put for mr. campana to seat 8. commissioner elsbernd: that will be the order. we have already continued item six. item seven will take a few minutes. i see staff is now here for item three. why don't we go back to that. could you give us a brief discussion of what item 3 is? >> good morning, committee members. i am here to present to you resolution to approve the management agreement between the
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city and county of san francisco and the civic center community benefit district management corp. this agreement would allow for the city to transfer the assessment collected on behalf of the special assessment district approved in january. assessments would be transferred, collected by the city and then transferred to a nonprofit management corporation which is established and has a border directors and meets regularly. this management corp. will oversee the implementation of the services called for in the civic center management agreement with the cbd. this is an agreement that we have to have in order to transfer the assessments that we will be collecting. this district will last for 10 years. this is just allowing the city
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to transfer the funds that have been collected and will be collected on behalf of this district. commissioner elsbernd: ok. any questions? is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. you are coming forth, ok. two minutes. >> i will be brief. my name is david harrison. i am the chair of the interim board of the newly formed corporation. i just wanted to let you know that we are here and working hard. we have jotted down a few things that we have done. we have formed a corporation, seeded and interim board, obtained 501 c three exemptions, formed a bunch of committees which are very active in trying to determine what we're going to be doing, how we are going to implement the services we are here to do. we are conducting a search right now for an executive director.
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we are hard at work and appreciate your support. commissioner elsbernd: thank you for your work. mr. pitts. >> i wonder if you could open a public comment on items six? commissioner elsbernd: we had already done that. this is item three. seeing no other members of the public, public comment is closed on item three. can we send this item for without objection? commissioner farrell: that will be the order. commissioner elsbernd: you were not here when we did item three. -- item six. we are going to reopen the item. we have continued into the call of the chair. >> i appreciate it. for me, the thing is, when i looked at the quarterly report, i felt like there was not


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